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Roger D. Crooks

Almost four decades of business experience provide a wealth of knowledge and a solid network of professional and logistical relationships that are the backdrop for Roger's most recent business endeavors in West Africa. The owner/operator of business enterprises in the oil, hotel, mining and forestry industries, Roger is recognized as a business leader on both sides of the Atlantic, a supporter of West African financial development, and a philanthropist in many of the communities where his business interests are headquartered.

In 1976, Roger founded his first company, an engineering and construction firm that served the oil industry throughout the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. With the ratification of the U.S. Export Trade Act in 1982, Roger returned to the States from the North Sea to begin one of the first U.S. export trading companies. Additionally, he continued trading in the West Africa region, where he has lived for more than twenty years.  

As the CEO of Gateway Supply Inc. and Gateway Foods USA, Roger's expertise in conducting business on the African continent gives our clients an unparalleled advantage in securing the products, services and logistical support their professional and industrial efforts require.  


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